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      As is vividly depicted in the cartoon above, a children is walking ahead, plus his parents follow him with umbrellas. His grandfather lags and try his best to catch them. Under the picture, the caption reads, "many protective umbrellas for children." The picture intend to reflect that many parents protect their children overly.

      First of all, if parents always help their kids to finish all things and fear to let them cause any harms, they can“t grow up forever. All sunshine without shade, all pleasure without pain, is not life at all. These ways which are full of pain are where everyone must go through. Only do we experience, we can become as strong as our parents. It“s essential to leave protective umbrella to creat own ways. Finally, one“s life isn“t infinite. Parents can“t follow own kids. One day they will have to leave them. Because it is the most important to let them learn how to protect themselves but protect them.

      In short, a new thing“s progress of growth is just to beat its previous self. Parents who really love their children will help their children to confront the difficulties alone.

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